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Clemson University: Tutor, Talk and Train

We are excited to announce a new, unique, and exciting opportunity for Veterans with paralysis. The Clemson University: Tutor, Talk and Train program is supported by a grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. It is a 12-month multitiered and engaging virtual program intended to decrease the effects of social isolation while promoting mental and physical health. We will only accept 15 Veteran participants into this fully-funded opportunity, for which application begins immediately and programming will start in late January or early February of 2021. Please pass along this information or contact us with interest inquiries as soon as possible. We look forward to inviting Veterans and their caregivers into our program!

Clemson Paralympic Soccer Vision Statement:
Clemson Paralympic Soccer seeks to improve the quality of life for various populations of people with disabilities through our Residential Training Program; VA Adaptive Soccer Camps; Tutor, Talk and Train Program; Additional Adaptive Sport Opportunities; Therapeutic Recreation; and continuing research and education.